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The platform

The first difference is the security, privacy, intimacy and confidentiality that Iberbox provides to its clients. Iberbox implements an encryption scheme that exceeds the requirements set by the American National Security Agency, NSA, for the storage of TOP SECRET information.

In addition, Iberbox is the only cloud of its kind specifically aimed at professionals, companies and administrations. Iberbox was created with a fully modular architecture that allows the cloud to be used as a functional module providing fully secure, private and confidential storage and communications. This means that Iberbox can also be seamlessly integrated into any third-party application, providing this layer of private storage and communication.

However, this modular capacity (which was considered from the beginning of the development) allows the incorporation of new private and confidential services in a very simple and quick way and allows any company, with its own software development, to integrate the Iberbox storage and confidential communication layer in an almost trivial way.

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End-to-End encryption means that any data uploaded to the Iberbox cloud by any user is previously encrypted on their own device using the cryptographic layer provided by Iberbox and using a series of keys that only the user can know. In the same way, when a user downloads data from the Iberbox cloud, it is downloaded encrypted and decrypted on the user's device with keys that only the user knows.

Therefore, Iberbox only stores information encrypted by the users, without having the computational capacity to decipher them ever. And when we say never ever, it means never ever. Iberbox never even has the possibility of accessing a user's encryption and decryption keys. These are initially generated on the user's device (when the account is created) and are never sent to the Iberbox servers in a decrypted form.

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The IBERBOX suite of services includes tools designed to promote the growth of the professional sector, based on user-controlled data encryption:

  • Secure cloud with private spaces.
  • Unlimited incremental backups of devices, folders and files.
  • Private and confidential mail, both internally and to external suppliers.
  • Document manager with shared drives and video calls for groups of clients.

The end-to-end encryption used by Iberbox means that the data stored on our storage servers contains only encrypted information, which cannot be decrypted without the access keys to the corresponding account. This means that the security of this data is not critical. If an attacker were to gain access to the data contained in these servers, the greatest damage they could cause is their destruction, but they would never be able to access the users' information.

To deal with the possible risk of data destruction due to an intrusion in the company's systems or breakdowns, Iberbox stores at all times at least two copies of each user file on different servers, each of them storing the files using the ZFS file system (the most advanced in terms of maintaining data integrity to date) and using the raidz2 redundancy mechanism, which ensures the preservation of data even if two disks of the same redundancy group are broken / destroyed and allows the restoration of disks in reduced times.

In other words, for a file to disappear from Iberbox, at least 5 hard disks would have to be destroyed almost simultaneously on different servers (more than two for each of the redundancy groups containing a copy of the file).

All the platform's servers are owned by Iberbox and are located in datacenters in Spain in different locations.

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Plans and Prices

Yes, at IBERBOX we are able to customize all the details of your plan: storage capacity, access to individual services, billing method, renewal date. And of course, the price. 

You can request a customized plan on this page.

Of course. If you don't need access to the entire suite, you can request a customized plan for the product you wish to purchase.

Of course. At IBERBOX we can modify the details of your plan whenever you need to. If you need to expand, it means that your company is growing and that is important to us: we guide you and offer you a new plan for your new targets.

Currently, we only offer credit card payment methods on the website. You can contact us to request an alternative payment method and set up your plan details.

If you wish to delete your account, please write to us so that we can review your case and you will have a record of the whole process of deleting your data.

Yes, at IBERBOX we are working to offer our solution within grant projects financed by the Spanish Government and the European Union.

Our agents will advise you:

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At IBERBOX we negotiate a price with you so that you get the most out of the suite and help us to make ourselves known.

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Legal Advice

The Organic Law on Data Protection includes as "very serious" violations the handling and transfer to third parties outside the framework of the AEPD of sensitive data, such as health data, criminal or legal information, and the like. Penalties range from 600 to 600,000 euros, and affect both SMEs and large corporations.

If you are using general purpose clouds to store sensitive data, you are taking these kinds of risks.

By contrast, by contracting IBERBOX, our verifiable zero-knowledge technology on your data allows us to ensure and prove to any investigation that your data is never shared with third parties, as by design only you have the ability to decrypt it.

A cloud that offers "zero-knowledge" technology about your data, with user-controlled encryption, should provide you - from the moment you create your account - with a unique recovery key to gain access to your data if you lose your password. Otherwise, if they can change your password without losing access to your data - as the encryption keys are generated from your credentials and are unique for each customer - it means that the encryption is not under your control. In case your provider stores your credentials in plaintext, it would be much worse: they could undo the encryption chain and get all your data.

Remember that if your cloud does have "zero-knowledge" encryption to encrypt your data and does not give you a recovery key, if you lose your password, the only solution is to delete your account, losing immediate access to all your files, which is a much greater aggravation.

If you have doubts about whether your cloud complies with the encryption mechanism it promises, what the IBERBOX team recommends is to request an audit of the code that implements the encryption mechanism.

At IBERBOX, we want you to trust that we deliver what we promise: contact us to request an audit.

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IBERBOX applications are downloaded and installed from the official application repositories that you already know and that you can access from this website.

Simply use the download icon in the top menu to get a guided download process for the product you wish to install.

Of course. If you have any doubts about how to install and configure the applications on your devices, write to us and we will help you with the integration. If you need it, we will go through the whole process with you so you can learn first-hand how to get started.

No, at IBERBOX we do not set limits on devices, folders or files in any of our plans.

The only limitation is the storage space you have contracted. Even so, in our business plans this is an indicative limit, so if the storage limit is exceeded we will not block you from uploading files, but we will contact you to assess how you can improve your plan.

Of course. All our business plans offer a one month free trial so you can try the service without obligation.

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