A cryptographic module that reduces integration effort to a minimum

Secure applications by connecting our SDK

An SDK for all platforms

Our SDK is ready to be fully and easily integrated into web applications, desktop programs and native apps for mobile devices.

Aplicaciones web SDK adaptable

Web applications

Our SDK is perfectly adaptable to web applications using Javascript frameworks, such as Vue.js.

Icono Qt SDK adaptable

Windows, MacOS & Linux

The Iberbox desktop SDK is written in C++, which allows us to develop open source, cross-platform applications on the Qt programming framework.

Iconos iOs y Android SDK adaptable

iOS & Android

Our SDK can be seamlessly integrated into mobile application code natively.

Simple, intuitive and 100% documented.

Our SDK is a black box module that attaches to the code of your apps and puts our entire cryptographic layer at your disposal. Your only concern will be the code of your client application: we provide the security.

					# Uploading files
# As simple as typing a single line of code
Iberbox *iberbox;
iberbox->upload(file, parentId);

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) is compatible with all types of platforms and programming languages, allowing developers to integrate Iberbox encryption into any existing application or programme.

Integration modules

Easy integration in Android (JAVA), iOS (Swift), Web apps (Javascript) and Desktop applications -Windows, Linux, macOS- (Qt C++).


A single modification is made in the central module, which is then extrapolated to the other modules.


Our architecture allows any type of coupling to the central module, allowing the future creation of a multitude of modules.

Centralised functionality

The logic of all modules is implemented only in the SDK, so that homogeneity is ensured between all client modules.


The securitisation of the different customer modules depends on the central module, helping to minimise the risks associated with security errors.

Risk reduction

Thanks to the common central module, we optimise the resources necessary for the maintenance and further growth of the platform.

Are you thinking of integrating IBERBOX into your applications?

With our SDK everything is possible

Si necesitas que los programas de tu empresa manejen los datos de forma segura, solicita una integración. Nuestro equipo técnico se reunirá contigo de primera mano para desarrollar la mejor solución. 

Do you want to start developing applications using our SDK? We help you with the integration.