The peace of mind of being secure in the best encrypted cloud

Putting your company's privacy first

Empresaria haciendo copias en la nube cifrada

The suite for professionals and companies

Our tools are built by listening to what the professional sector demands: quality, trust and privacy are the foundation of a suite of products that grows as you do.

Iberbox is much more than a safe cloud. 

Secure and encrypted teleworking

Iberbox's Virtual Desktop allows you to telework remotely in an encrypted and secure environment. 

The Iberbox encrypted cloud meets all the necessary requirements for working remotely from outside the office. With Iberbox you will have all your work centralized in an absolutely encrypted platform with an automated and synchronized file editor in real time.

With Iberbox Virtual Desktop, synchronise the folders on your own computer; modify, add or edit what you need and it will be automatically uploaded to the encrypted cloud. It's that easy! 

In addition, our virtual desktop allows you to manage and retrieve all versions and modifications made to your files. 

And that's not all, with Iberbox Meet you can make video calls from your shared folders and always with the security of working in an encrypted cloud. Security at your fingertips!

The encrypted cloud that adapts to your needs

User-controlled top-secret encryption

All the data you upload to Iberbox is encrypted following the encryption chain recommended by the CNSA for top-secret data storage. Nobody can read your data, not even us.

GDPR Compliance Guarantee

Absolutely all data you upload and download from Iberbox is always encrypted and decrypted on your device. Our cryptographic scheme is fully verifiable and computationally unbreakable.

Anti-Ransomware Shield

Our backup tool provides you with a shield against file encryption attacks. Recover your devices when you need to.

Dedicated technical support

We have our mission in mind: to listen to companies. We have a technical team at your disposal for consultancy meetings and integrations, whenever you need it.

Customized products and easy integration

Our SDK is a cryptographic module that any developer can plug into any existing program, reducing integration costs.

Datacenter in Spain

The data stored in Iberbox is replicated in multiple servers known and controlled directly by the Iberbox team.

Our manifesto: we want to and can demonstrate what we promise

Iberbox implements an encryption scheme that exceeds the requirements set by the American National Security Agency (NSA) for TOP SECRET information storage. These algorithms are set out in the Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA) and were taken as a basis -and sometimes surpassed- for the development of the Iberbox cryptographic layer. This means that any data uploaded to the Iberbox cloud by any user is previously encrypted on their own device using the cryptographic layer provided by Iberbox and using a series of keys that only the user can know. In the same way, when a user downloads data from the Iberbox cloud, it is downloaded encrypted and decrypted on the user's device with keys that only the user knows.

This is what makes Iberbox fully and faithfully compliant with the Privacy by Design and by Default Principle required by the GDPR, as Iberbox provides privacy and confidentiality by design and by algorithm and not by compromise. Moreover, this cryptographic scheme is verifiable, as Iberbox provides the source code of all its user-focused applications to its customers, so that any independent computer forensic expert can verify the authenticity of this computationally unbreakable design.